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"The INN Between 2nd Anniversary Celebration" June 15, 2017, KUER's CONTACT with Mary Dickson


"Chronically Ill Homeless To Get On-site Medical Care At New Shelters" May 11, 2017, KUER, by Whittney Evans


"Hospice Houses for the Homeless Fill a Growing Need in an Aging Society" May 1, 2017, The Lancet USA Blog, by Larry Beresford


"KBYU Community Connection - The INN Between" March 10, 2017, KBYU, by Tracey Christensen


"The INN Between Asks State For Money To Expand" Feb. 8, 2017, KUER, by Whittney Evans


"The Best Salt Lake Tribune Photos of 2016 features The INN Between resident Robert Burr" Dec. 31, 2016, Salt Lake Tribune


"The INN Between featured on KUED Channel 7's CONTACT with Mary Dickson" Nov. 8, 2016, KUED-7, by Mary Dickson


"The INN Between" Nov. 1, 2016, Catalyst Magazine, by Alice Toler


"Kim Correa and Maggie Dow-Podunovich appear on KUTV-2's Fresh Living" Sept. 2, 2016, KUTV-2, by Melanie Kennedy


"Hospice for homeless gives residents a place to die and sometimes heal" Aug. 23, 2016, KUER, by Whittney Evans


"Utah's first hospice for the homeless celebrates its 1 year anniversary" Aug. 17, 2016, ABC4 News, by Kimberly Nelson


"Terminally Ill Homeless People in Salt Lake City Face Death with Dignity at Unique Hospice: 'They Deserve Peace of Mind'" July 27, 2016, People Magazine Online, by Cathy Free


"Salt Lake homeless man dies with dignity" July 25, 2016, ABC4 News, by Randall Carlisle


"For the homeless and others who lived ‘a complicated life,’ SLC’s Inn Between offers a comfortable place to die" July 8, 2016, Salt Lake Tribune, by Alex Stuckey


"Hospice care for Salt Lake City's homeless" Feb. 18, 2016, Al Jazeera America News, by Diane Eastabrook


"Another homeless death with dignity" Feb. 2, 2016, ABC4 News, by Randall Carlisle


"'Senior Wish' program at Inn Between brightens lives of those facing terminal illnesses" Jan. 17, 2016, FOX13 News and Max Ross


"Homeless Solutions" Dec. 6, 2015, KRCL RadioActive, By Nick Burns Our segment begins around 19 minutes


"Terminally ill residents Of The Inn Between still manage to be thankful" Nov. 26, 2015, ABC4 News, By Rick Aaron


"New plan recommends homeless shelters be scattered around SLC" Nov. 23, 2015, Fox13 News, By Ben Winslow


"Peer-to-Peer learning boosts unrelated programs" Nov. 23, 2015, The Nonprofit Times


"Homeless hospice wants to expand" Nov. 16, 2015, ABC4 News, By Randall Carlisle


"My View - Salt Lake City's homeless deserve hospice care" Nov. 16, 2015, Deseret News Op-Ed, By Kim Correa


"The INN Between plans its first memorial service" Sept. 11, 2015, ABC4, By Kimberly Nelson


"Hospice for homeless welcomes first residents" Sept. 7, 2015, KSL5, By Sandra Olney


"Utah's first hospice house for the homeless accepting residents" Sept. 30, 2015, Utah Business Magazine


"New home for dying homeless will open soon" July 7, 2015, ABC4, By Randall Carlisle


"When government works!" June 28, 2015, The Dabakis Factor, By Senator Jim Dabakis


"After reaching compromise with the city, The INN Between hospice house for the homeless may soon open its doors" June 25, 2015, ABC4, By Kimberly Nelson


"Hospice and homeless! Government has a tough time with that" June 20, 2015, The Dabakis Factor, By Senator Jim Dabakis


"S.L. City Council delays opening of homeless hospice" June 18, 2015, Deseret News, By Katie McKellar


"Religious, community leaders dedicate Utah's first hospice for the homeless" May 11, 2015, Deseret News, By Cassidy Hansen


"Utah opens first hospice facility for homeless" May 11, 2015, KUER, By Whittney Evans


"Volunteers working to open Utah's first hospice for homeless people" Apr. 17, 2015, Fox13 News, By David Wells and Scott McKane


"A hospice for homeless to open in SLC" Apr. 13, 2015, Fox13 News, By Robert Boyd


"Homeless hospice group seeks cleaning help" Jan. 2, 2015, Deseret News, By Whitney Evans


"Fundraising dinner to help local homeless hospice group" Nov. 5, 2014, Deseret News, By Whitney Evans


"Hospice for the homeless: Faith community unites to help provide death with dignity" Jan. 5, 2013, Deseret News, By Joseph Walker